Some things you eat for love

Kyle Risley

My dad, as a set of statements, can barely exist on paper. He walks the tightrope between fratboy humor and Leave it to Beaver dialogue. He still uses racial slurs but loved my black roommate. He equates recreational cannabis use with mainlining heroin under a bridge in Baltimore, but buys a fifth of Makers for me to drink as he drives me home from the airport. He can make a joke out of almost anything, turn around, and sop up any drops of optimism with a rag of realism. He can exist in two worlds at once because no spirit connects the two. There is no throughline, no God, no master plan. Continue reading


Hot Chocolate

Emily Cassel

All the best ideas are at least partially stolen from someone else. Steve Jobs built a multi-billion dollar empire off of personal computing technology he first saw at Xerox. Google’s Android platform borrowed from so many existing systems that it was at one time involved in almost 40 separate patent lawsuits. Zuckerberg copped the idea for Facebook from those freakishly large, perpetually rowing twins. Continue reading


Finding Howard

Andrew Clayton

I live for cozy places in my own memory or cozy imagined places I might have visited, had I been born earlier.  Even as a five year old kid, I appreciated Americana, most of all, our transportation history, imagining a time when flying or taking trains or even driving was new and, just maybe, looked forward to.  I was obsessed with trucks and could tell you the difference between a Peterbilt, a Kenworth and a Freightliner.   My parents’ car was merely an observatory—my portal to cars, trucks and buses and the highways they occupied.  As a child born in the early 70s, I couldn’t help but notice Howard Johnson’s restaurants everywhere on those highways. Continue reading


Sharing is caring

Nicholas Vitale

Every year my wife and I take a trip to Lincoln, NH to enjoy some winter activities with over 20 of our coworkers and friends. Some of us enjoy outlet shopping during the day, others spend there time hitting the slopes. But, all of us usually come together every night for dinner at a steak house or local microbrewery. Those being two of my favorite types of dining establishments (and favorite meal of the day), I find it funny to say that my favorite meal for the entire 4 day trip was breakfast at a little place called Flapjacks. Continue reading