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Nicholas Vitale

Every year my wife and I take a trip to Lincoln, NH to enjoy some winter activities with over 20 of our coworkers and friends. Some of us enjoy outlet shopping during the day, others spend there time hitting the slopes. But, all of us usually come together every night for dinner at a steak house or local microbrewery. Those being two of my favorite types of dining establishments (and favorite meal of the day), I find it funny to say that my favorite meal for the entire 4 day trip was breakfast at a little place called Flapjacks.

Flapjack’s has all the charm you’d hope from a family friendly diner in a skiing town; illustrated bears as their mascot, an electric train that runs the length of the entire diner, a neighborly staff and most of all a delicious menu. For this visit, I chose to go with Blueberry Pancakes and side of sausage to fuel me through a day of snowboarding. A brilliant decision if I must say. On his arrival the waiter told us that the maple syrup was from a tree 10 miles from the restaurant. The pancake badder was definitely an original mix, the blueberries tasted fresh and it was all topped with a scoop of maple butter. This was the way all pancakes should taste. After putting in my best efforts, I only managed to put away 70% of this triple threat of flapjacks side kicked with twin sausages. But, before doing so, I snapped a photo of my breakfast and sent it out into the world of social media via instagram and Facebook, then went on with our day.

Later on after a fun day on the mountain and regrouping with our friends, our buddies had some stories of there own. Upon waking up, three different couples told us that the instagram photo was there final motivating factor to jump out of bed and hunt down some breakfast. They then told us about their experience over at Flapjacks and had a few laughs. But, the conversations didn’t end there. After geo tagging the instagram image, a representative running Flapjack’s instagram account reach out with some hospitable words saying they were glad we enjoyed our visit, which left a great last impression. In retrospect it was great to see how a few social media post could help us share the dining experience with our friends and help continue the conversation. We may not have all dined together, but with the post we were all eventually able to share the same experience. So if you’re ever in the Lincoln, NH area be sure to experience for yourself and share it with your friends one way or another. Enjoy!

Instagram: @flapjacksnh


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